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Your Job Search Turbo-Charged & Optimized

Road to Interview SuccessLet’s face it – your next job interview could be the gateway to landing your dream job and a salary you always wanted to have, but never imagined you could get.

But, before you get there you will need to land that next job interview first and that is not so easy these days. While the Internet has lowered the barrier of submitting resumes to companies en masse, it also means that you are facing more competition than ever because everyone else has the same low entry barrier. There could be hundreds of resumes and job candidates between you and the hiring manager/recruiter

To succeed under these conditions you will need:

  • Killer Profile on LinkedIn

  • Highly Optimized Job Search

  • The Perfect Resume

InterviewPlabook.com offers exactly what you need.

You Will Need a “Killer Profile on LinkedIn” or don’t even bother 

  • Only highly optimizedLinkedIn profiles will be found by recruiters
  • Only highly optimized LinkedIn profiles attract job opportunities
  • Only highly optimized LinkedIn profiles make you stand out

LinkedIn is not just a social network that allows you to stay in touch with peers and former co-workers or business partners. LinkedIn has evolved into job opportunity machine for those that know how it works. Having the right skills combined with a killer LinkedIn profile and opportunities will be knocking on your door in no-time.

As of Spring 2016 LinkedIn has about ~433 Million users.

Do you really think a mediocre profile is able to compete in such an environment?!

It will NOT!!!

No ifs, ands, or buts about it – you will need a highly optimized LinkedIn profile if you want to get something out of LinkedIn. This is where the “Interview Playbook” comes in. In our membership area you will gain access to our complete profile optimization guide.

Here is what you get:

  • Learn critical steps to improve your profile with a few, simple steps
  • Discover the secrets that keep your LinkedIn profile at the top of the LinkedIn search results
  • Profile Strategies that attract recruiters to look at your profile first
  • Introduction to LinkedIn and what it can do for you
  • Step-by-Step guidance on how to populate your profile with all relevant information
  • Categorized instructions on how to optimize your profile step-by-step
  • Lifetime access to current + access to all future updates at no extra charge
  • A mix of 30+ video and text (written) tutorials
  • Bonus Content to improve your job search efforts
  • No gimmicks, no annoying up-sells. Just pure, rock-solid information immediately available
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Why Interview Playbook?

I started using LinkedIn in 2005 and originally I did not do a good job in using it to its full potential. Some time went buy and LinkedIn got better and better and with each improvement I started taking more notice. Then several years ago I started to get really serious about LinkedIn. Initially it was to build a network of people I worked with, but then I concentrated on building a profile that would stand out. I went all in with lots of trial and error and systematically analyzed the results of my changes and updates. I paid close attention to the outcome of changes and what actions increased the number of profile views and which ones did not.

I started taking notes so that I could keep track of the changes and so that I would be able to replicate everything. From there I started helping friends with their LinkedIn profiles and at one point someone suggested I should write a book about it (I have a history of writing books and of publishing contents on websites and blogs). That idea was not sitting idle for too long and my initial collection of notes grew into a full-blown word document. But then I thought that books are difficult to maintain with the constant changes happening at LinkedIn and so the idea of publishing the LinkedIn Optimization online grew on me. So, here we are at Interview Playbook where you find the results of my research and testing.

More about me: I am an accomplished author, business owner & Entrepreneur, IT Professional, a Dad and a Husband. I live in beautiful Colorado, but are originally from Germany. I am a runner or to be more specific, a marathoner and ultra-marathoner. Running long distances can teach you a lot about life and it also provides you with a lot of time to think things through. My research in LinkedIn profile optimization has helped me a lot in finding new job and business opportunities. I wrote books about job interview success and job interview strategies, too. So, I am not just randomly here to talk about LinkedIn and I hope that sharing that knowledge with you will help you as much as it has helped me.

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