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About Interview Playbook

Interview Playbook has been started by Christoph Puetz. This website and the products and programs it promotes are intended to help people to become better at interviewing for a new job and to master the entire job application process with a higher success rate than before.

Christoph PuetzChristoph Puetz has been gone through hundreds of job interviews and has been on both sides of the interview table. He has built up extensive experience along the way and ultimately experienced a very high level of success whenever interviewing for a new job. After successfully mastering another series of interviews for a Six-Figure job he decided to turn his interview skills and knowledge into a book (The Six-Figure Job Interview Guide) and then built his website to be able to help even more people.

Christoph Puetz is also a successful entrepreneur and owns and operates a successful online business since 2002. You might ask why he is still an employee at other companies if he has his own business. While Christoph loves to run his own business, he also enjoys the work that he does as an employee (IT / Computer System Administration). In Christoph’s opinion his experience and skills he acquired as a business owner, also help him to excel in his job roles being an employee. Over the years he advanced in his career quite a bit and lately has taken on more leadership responsibilities.

Christoph has published several books over the years (2001: Good-Bye Deutschland / 2005: The Web Hosting Manager / 2005: Pütz, Colorado / 2012: Job Interview Guide for Virtualization System Administrators / 2013: The Six-Figure Job Interview Guide).