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The companies with the most six-figure jobs right now

Get HiredJob seekers aiming at a six-figure paycheck should have high interest in knowing which companies pay the most. Sure, many companies have jobs in the six-figure range, but it helps to know that some companies have an above average number of these high-paying jobs. This comes in handy if you want to take away some of the guess work about salaries when looking for a new job. After all – salary surveys and statistics mainly show averages for specific jobs, job titles, and positions – it is still up to the job seeker to have an idea what his or her market value is when negotiating a salary.

The companies with larger than average six-figure salary jobs are primarily in the technology and financial services industries. According your skills need to be in line what these companies might be looking for. And of course keep in mind that these jobs are not your average jobs either. An administrative assistant will not suddenly earn a six-figure salary just because she starts a job at one of these companies from our list.

Did you know that Amazon Web Services is one of those companies that have a lot of six-figure paying jobs? At the moment Indeed shows over 1,000 open positions paying $100,000 per year or more. Caveat? These are mainly positions with Amazon AWS (Cloud) web services’ division and accordingly they are looking for software engineer and solutions architects. While Amazon as a whole is not making a lot of profit, the AWS division is highly profitable by itself, but also re-invests most of those profits to stay ahead of the competition (Google, Microsoft).

Other things to remember is the fact that many of these jobs are located in areas with a very high cost of living. San Francisco, Boston, DC, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City – it is not cheap to live there and even a $100,000 salary will not go very far in these locations. However, knowing that these companies pay good salaries, might help to map out and plan a career that offers growth on a personal level as well as a professional level and with that would come an increase in salary.

Here is the list of companies with the most six-figure job openings right now:

NO. 1: AMAZON (AWS) – Technology Industry
NO. 2: JP MORGAN CHASE – Financial Industry
NO. 3: PRICE WATERHOUSE COOPERS – Financial Industry
NO. 4: MICROSOFT – Technology Industry
NO. 5: RAYTHEON – Defense
NO. 6: GOOGLE – Technology Industry
NO. 7: ORACLE – Technology Industry
NO. 8: CITI – Financial Industry
NO. 9: HP – Technology Industry
NO. 10: BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON – Technology Industry

Getting into these companies is not always easy. Often networking and knowing the right people is the only way in. In other cases you need to be highly specialized to get the door to open. However, the good news is that these companies are often willing to pay for relocation to attract the right talent. Personally, I was contacted by Amazon AWS and relocation assistance was once of the first things the recruiter brought up. However, I can also confirm that the hiring process and interview process with these companies is not a simple walk in the park. I interviewed with Amazon AWS and we came to the conclusion that my skills were not a good match for them at that point in time. I am a Microsoft and VMware guy from a technology side of things and that simply was not enough to make it to the next round with Amazon. So, my advice to you is that if you want to work for these companies, be prepared appropriately. It might require some proper planning and preparation – preparation that will take months to be ready for that big step. Do not waste your chances by applying unprepared or with an incomplete set of skills.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these are not the only companies with good paying jobs. Look at direct competitors of these companies. Dell or Lenovo would be a great alternative to consider if you look at HP. Facebook could be another alternative to Google. Lockheed Martin might be a great alternative compared to Raytheon. Vmware might be a good alternative compared to Microsoft. And of course the list could go on. I am just trying to explain how to think outside of the box here a little bit.

My recommendation is to map out a plan – especially if you are a bit short in regards to your skill set. Read the job descriptions and compare them to your skills. When you see gaps, that is where you want to start. Fill those gaps and learn new skills. Certifications or volunteer work can be a great option to learn a new skill and to build up some expertise.

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