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Show LinkedIn in your Email Signature

Another great way to make people aware of your LinkedIn profile is to include a LinkedIn badge in your email signature (you do have a signature in your email?!). By adding a LinkedIn badge to your email signature you make it a lot easier for people to visit your LinkedIn profile page. This comes in handy when communicating with potential employers, especially hiring managers and HR personnel. It can also help when communicating with non-job search related individuals – you never when someone sees your LinkedIn profile and realizes you might be a good fit for an open position at another company.

I use Microsoft Outlook and will show you how to create an email signature that has a LinkedIn badge and a link to your LinkedIn profile included.

  • Visit while being logged into your LinkedIn account. LinkedIn automatically prepares several options for you. These are not just meant to be used for your email signature, but you can also use them on your own website, blog, or anywhere else on the Internet where it makes sense (example: forum signatures).
  • Please note that there are many more options to choose from.
  • Pick the image option that you like the most and copy and paste the code that is shown on the right into a text editor like Notepad or Notepad++. This might be a bit challenging at first, but trust me – it is worth the extra effort.
  • Now we have to identify the necessary pieces needed to upgrade your email signature. We are looking for the URL for the image and we are looking for the URL that links to your profile. I marked the 2 items shown on the screenshot below.

    I highlighted the two URLs in the upper part of the screenshot and then copied them to the bottom section for easier usage. 
    Now it is time to create the actual email signature. Open Outlook 2013 and create a new email. Now look for the Signature button.

  • Click on it and select “Signatures” – if you do not have any signatures it might get you straight into the editor to create a signature. Create a new signature and add your normal contents for the signature.
  • Leave some room for the where the image will go – as you can see in the image above I left space under the phone number.
  • Now we want to add the LinkedIn image and the URL to your profile. Click on the “Add picture” button inside the Signature Editor.

    Another window will open and Outlook lets you navigate to pictures locally on your hard drive. However, we do not want to use a local image as it could be that those will be filtered out by receiving mail servers when we send emails. We will cross-link to LinkedIn and always load the image from their servers. The images are static on their servers and it is highly unlikely that the path to the images will change. So, in the screenshot below you can see that I simply pasted the URL to the image from my text editor into the Outlook form.

  • Click “Insert” and the image will be automatically pulled into the Outlook Signature editor. Please be careful not to click anywhere inside the editor. We want to make sure the image is still selected. If you do click on something else by accident, simply click on the LinkedIn image one time so that it is selected.
    Here you can see that the image is still selected. Now click on the “Insert Hyperlink” button on the right (see arrow).

    Click “Ok” and Outlook will bring you back to main Signature editor screen. Your new signature is now complete. Make sure to “Save” the signature, too.


  • Go and send yourself an email with your signature and then click on the image. If you followed my instructions correctly a new browser window or tab will open and show your LinkedIn profile.

    These instructions were written for Outlook 2013. While menus and steps will look different in other email applications, the overall way of building a new email signature with a LinkedIn badge should be similar.