How good is Your Spelling?

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

One of the companies I worked for in the past had a change in middle management, and a few days before the new Senior Director would start we were told who it was. Curious as I am, I Googled his name and of course his LinkedIn profile popped up as one of the first listings. I followed the link and it was one of the worst LinkedIn profiles I had seen in quite a while.

While he had made some effort to build a profile, he had specifically failed miserably at proofreading. His LinkedIn profile was loaded with spelling errors. For me this was a major turn-off. If somebody at a high level represents himself like this in public, how good would he be as a leader in the organization where I worked?!

I can understand an incomplete LinkedIn profile, but seeing a LinkedIn profile – no matter how  complete – filled with spelling errors and grammar errors is a big issue. Think about it, a potential employer (hiring manager) would find your nasty looking LinkedIn profile. You might be eliminated from the application pool immediately.

So, if you are not sure how good or bad your spelling and grammar is, I suggest you don’t write your LinkedIn profile content inside the web browser. Instead, open up Microsoft Word or Microsoft Outlook and write your content inside those applications. Then hit the F7 key on your keyboard and the software will do a thorough spell-check. It might even suggest changes to your grammar. Using software for your spell-check might not be foolproof, but it eliminates the majority of issues from the written text. Another option: Use a web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox. Both have spell-checking abilities built into the browser and underline words or phrases in question. From there you can right-click on the word and see suggested corrections. Again, not foolproof, but definitely better than doing nothing.

Last but not least you can rely on external help and ask somebody else to do some proofreading for you. As an example, I am usually paying somebody to proofread my text for books, but I also use Microsoft Word and try to proofread the content myself.