LinkedIn Profile Optimization

LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing social networking websites today. However, even though it may technically be considered a social media website, do not think that LinkedIn is just another Facebook or Twitter.

LinkedIn is a professional networking website that became available to the public in 2003. LinkedIn has over 430 million member accounts, and is is available in about 20 countries; you can expect those numbers to grow. In 2016, Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for over $26 Billion Dollars. Why is LinkedIn important? A major part of job recruiting and finding new employment has shifted to LinkedIn and you don’t want to be left behind.

While the tips and tricks from this book will work in  any LinkedIn market, it is definitely US-centric. Please consider different geographic requirements when it comes to your LinkedIn profile (for example, resumes are structured differently in almost any country and that would be something that effects how you want to present yourself on LinkedIn).

Here in the United States, LinkedIn is market-dominating in the professional networking field. Accordingly, it is quite important to a) a profile on LinkedIn and b)  a fully optimized profile on LinkedIn – especially if you have want to use LinkedIn to enhance your career.

I have been using LinkedIn since 2005, and over the years I started using LinkedIn more and more. As with most things that I start working with, I spent quite a lot of time to make myself familiar with it. And if I see a tool working well and helping me with what I want to achieve, I invest even more time. That’s what happened to me with LinkedIn. I started slow, but things accelerated over time. I started putting more effort into my profile and I watched closely how specific things suddenly brought more attention to my profile.

In my own business I do online marketing and provide these same types of services to customers. When you work online you have to pay close attention to detail because a small change to a website can have dramatic influence on your marketing results. I applied these split testing techniques to my LinkedIn Profile and the results of incoming inquires went up significantly.

In my other career I am an IT professional with technical skills that are in high demand. When you are competing with thousands of other people for the same job on LinkedIn, you want to be able to separate yourself from the competition. That’s where my experience with LinkedIn can provide a great advantage. The steady amount of job inquiries from recruiting companies and corporate HR recruiters showed me that I was doing things in a highly effective way.

After iteratively updating and analyzing my profile, I made it into the Top 5% of most visited profiles on LinkedIn. Unfortunately, LinkedIn seems to have discontinued the availability of this kind of data. I am not trying to game the system or to show off, but it is important to me that the profile views are actually related to my experience and skills. It does not help me if John Doe finds my profile on LinkedIn, when John Doe is looking to hire a chef or an accountant. However, if John Doe is looking to refer me internally at his company, he may be the exact type of person I want my profile to attract. The more detailed your profile, the better the chances that profile views are coming from people who are a good match for you and have opportunities to offer.

I have tried a lot of different things on LinkedIn and I believe that having a steady flow of profile views and qualified inquiries is a direct result of that effort.

Let me show you how to optimize YOUR LinkedIn profile and reap the benefits of a growing number of profile views. Let me help YOU be seen and, ultimately, get more job offers through LinkedIn.


Christoph Puetz