The Job Search is Over – Now What?

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

You got the job offer and are ready to accept the offer, but what should do you about LinkedIn? For one, once you start the new job, update your profile to reflect the new change to your career. Next, I would carefully reach out to new coworkers and connect with them on LinkedIn. Don’t do this during the first week of your new job and do not do this during your work hours at the office. Keep a low profile on this and rather show your skills and expertise at work. However, the more you get connected internally, the more you can reach out externally (LinkedIn). There is no rush needed.

Besides connecting with new coworkers you should also connect with former coworkers you have not connected with yet. The separation from your old company is still fresh and that makes it easy to send out requests. People are interested in where you went and how things are going.

Update your new work experience with projects and accomplishments as you go. The same advice applies to your resume. Keep it current and relevant. Keeping your resume up to date when you are not preparing for a new round of job hunting, is always easier to do it as things happens along the way. 2-3 years down the road you might forget about which projects and accomplishments you had and it is much harder to remember all the little details. My recommendation would be to keep your LinkedIn profile and resume updated once per quarter. A recurring calendar reminder will do the trick and even if you do not have anything to add, a fresh look does not hurt.

But wait – there is more ….

So far we only talked about the resume and work experience, but what about LinkedIn in general? I highly recommend staying active on LinkedIn. Provide status updates, congratulate others on new jobs or accomplishments, and make a comment to a story or an update somebody in your network posted. This is the networking part where you maintain connections and relationships on LinkedIn. Just because you have a new job, does not mean you’re supposed to ride off into the sunset until the next job search. Remember to use LinkedIn as a branding tool, something where you can establish yourself as an authority. Something where people will think of you as a potential candidate when they have a great opportunity to offer. 5 minutes, twice a week is plenty to maintain visibility on LinkedIn, so make it a habit and stick to it.

LinkedIn as a tool will not go away anytime soon, so do not abandon it just because you found a new job. If you do not put anything in, you get will not get anything out of it.