Let’s write a Killer LinkedIn Profile!

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

This guide is filled with tips and tricks to help you to write a LinkedIn Profile that presents the best of you. One assumption I make is that you already have an existing profile on LinkedIn and that you are NOT starting from scratch. If you do not have a profile yet, please sign up with LinkedIn and create a basic profile based on your current resume (www.linkedin.com). Don’t worry about the other details too much if that is where you are – once you work your way through this book it will all come together.

But before I continue I want to point out the following:


Legal Disclaimer: Depending on which company you work for, you might want to make sure you are familiar with any restrictions they might have regarding information you are permitted to make publicly available. Usually HR can shed light on the corporate guidelines about blogging or posting information online. You can also look at other LinkedIn profiles for people that work at the same company. It might help you to get a feel for what seems to be acceptable, but when in doubt please consult your HR department.

There are also certain industries that have legal requirements about what information employees can post online. Please check with HR or the legal department at the company you work for to be on the safe side.

My tips & tricks are not meant to get you into trouble with your employer or any legal entities. Also, if you are asked why you want to have a LinkedIn profile, a good response is always that you want to stay in touch with former and current co-workers and that LinkedIn is a great tool to do so. If in doubt, consult with an attorney as well. It might be overkill, but be safe. These disclaimers might only apply to a minority of people, but you should always at least  think about what you post online as a general rule. Don’t post anything that would embarrass you if your mom finds out and do not post any trade secrets either.

My LinkedIn Disclaimer: LinkedIn like most other companies often makes changes to their website. While I try my best to provide you with the latest and greatest information, some of the screenshots and step-by-step information might not be 100 percent accurate . Often those differences are just marginal, but if you absolutely cannot find a certain feature anymore based on my instructions, LinkedIn might have made changes that are not reflected yet in this book. An update to my book will then most likely address the issue. There will be more on staying up to date later on in this book.

Also, I am located in the United States and the content of this book is US-centric. However, most tips are independent from the country of your location and should still be considered valid. Each country or culture might have different ways how career and professional information is  displayed or used. Please adjust accordingly if that applies to you.

Now, let’s get going.