LinkedIn Activity and Profile Updates Are Crucial

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Here is a hidden gem that can go a long way. LinkedIn is like a search engine and the user profiles and updates are what it indexes – available to be searched by users and recruiters. I mentioned this before how good keywords are critical for your profile to be found when somebody searches for potential job candidates or business partners. This little trick goes a bit further.

Search engines – including LinkedIn – like fresh content. They like updates, news, blog posts – anything that is new. Guess what – LinkedIn prefers to show user profiles that are showing fresh content or that have been updated (or get updated frequently). Sure, you could post frequent status updates, but that not always easy for everyone. After all – a status update should be worthy to be seen. You do not want to SPAM the newsfeed of your network with boring or stupid messages. If you are able to provide frequent and meaningful status updates, then you are in good shape. However, for many job seekers that is simply not do-able. These people would be missing out by LinkedIn’s love for new updates and fresh content. I am discussing blog posts and status updates on LinkedIn in a different chapter.

However, here is a little trick that gets you in on the action. Profile updates seem to matter a lot as well and that is what we are going to take advantage of. No, you will not have to update your profile with new content all the time. At one point you would run out of available changes. But you can modify your profile by (as an example) remove one sentence from your profile. Then save the profile, refresh it to see the changes, and then you go back in to modify your profile by adding exactly the same sentence back in. You could even go so far by just removing a “.” from a sentence and then adding it back in. It does not really matter, but from what I have seen making frequent changes to your profile keeps your profile closer to the top of the search results. Of course it is hard to search for yourself in LinkedIn and there are other things that apply, but keep an eye on how many people visit your profile. You could do split testing by not making any changes for 2 weeks and then compare it to the same time-frame, but where you would make changes (as described) every other day during those two weeks.

Warning: Keep in mind that LinkedIn tweaks its ranking algorithm all the time and that the effectiveness of this little trick could be affected. If you see the results of this trick fading, go big and remove a whole paragraph of text from the profile and add it back in at a later time. I also recommend to only use this trick when you are actively job searching.