LinkedIn after the Microsoft Acquisition

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

In June 2016 Microsoft made a successful bid to acquire LinkedIn. Apparently was ready to buy LinkedIn as well, but the offer Microsoft made was extremely generous and was not able to match that offer. Initially it sounds like LinkedIn will continue to operate the way it does today, but I am sure you can expect some changes coming down the line in the near future. So, it is important to be prepared and to have your profile ready for it.

While nothing has really been announced, I do suspect the following to happen. Depending on how a company uses Microsoft Office in their environment, you might already be used to seeing people’s internal profile images when creating emails or responding to emails. This carries over into their Skype for Business chat and phone tool as well. Now imagine, you communicate with external users and due to the integration with LinkedIn you can now see LinkedIn profile information in your Outlook messages. It is too early to tell how exactly the layout and presentation will be, but having a well optimized LinkedIn profile is critical to make this work in your favor. Again, this is me thinking about might happen, but I would rather be at the forefront of this than being left behind. So, plan accordingly.

LinkedIn’s news-feed, like Facebook updates or Twitter updates, is filled with news and updates posted by your contacts. From what I heard Microsoft plans to integrate it into the Office 365 user dashboard. This means that anyone who has you as a contact in their network on LinkedIn will be able to eventually see your status. Of course if you do not provide any status updates they won’t see you, but now let’s think about why we are here. We want to make efficient use of LinkedIn and frequent status updates transferred in the Office 365 environment might be just another leg on the ground when it comes to networking and being considered for an open position. I think this one can be a very powerful tool.

Keep your eyes open for updates related to the LinkedIn acquisition by Microsoft. There could be a lot more happening soon. Of course we will keep you up to date here at Interview Playbook, but see it as even more motivation to have a powerful LinkedIn profile.