The LinkedIn Updates Feature

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

An important piece to being found on LinkedIn is the update feature. The updates box is found on your homepage. You probably have seen this type of update box on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter. Here is how it displays on my own account:



If you have a large network on LinkedIn this feature is a great way to make yourself better known to your friends and peers. In my opinion, it also sends signals that the LinkedIn Search Algorithm uses and a user with a higher activity level might show up more often in search results on LinkedIn.

If you are actively looking for a new employment or business opportunity via LinkedIn the updates feature is a great way to make yourself highly visible. But keep in mind LinkedIn is not Facebook and it is not Twitter. You want to post relevant updates. Relevant means you want to post updates related to your industry or to your profession.

You can post updates related to your blog (if you maintain one) or you can simply post updates related to articles you have seen on other 3rd party websites. Keep in mind that the quality of your updates is much more important than the quantity of updates.

If you are very active in social media and are planning to use the updates feature on LinkedIn a lot, I recommend using a tool like HootSuite ( This tool allows you to cross-post information as well as it allows you to schedule updates. The scheduled update feature is great as it allows you to pre-schedule several postings at once, which makes you more efficient.

The LinkedIn Sharing Bookmarklet

If you plan to frequently share information from other websites, consider installing the LinkedIn Sharing Bookmarklet. The Sharing Bookmarklet expands the web browser functionality and allows you to easily share content found on the Internet with your LinkedIn Network. The Bookmarklet is available for different web browsers like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. The Sharing Bookmarklet needs to be installed into your web browser before you can use it. It is available from the tools page on LinkedIn. You can access the tools webpage from the bottom menu on any LinkedIn page. Here is a direct link:



When you visit a webpage that you want to share with your LinkedIn connections you simply click on the LinkedIn icon in your browser. A pop-up displays that allows you to customize the update.


The example I picked is probably not something you would really share on LinkedIn. I simply picked something that I had easy access to from the web browser homepage (, but you get the idea of what can be done with this feature. Reminder: Quality over Quantity.

On your Homepage at LinkedIn you also see what other people are sharing with you. Some of that content can be re-shared. You will see the option when it is available.


This option is not always available, so keep your eyes open as needed. Also, watch out for what other people share and how they do it to get a feel for the process.

Where will your updates show up?

Your updates will show up in the newsfeed of your connections unless they have turned off this functionality.