Make Changes to Your LinkedIn Profile Appearance

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Sometimes it might make sense to change the order of the different profile sections and how they display within your profile. This step is important if you have something specific you want to emphasize near the top of your profile. The good news is that it is easy to change the order of the sections in which they show up.

You need to be in the Edit mode for your profile – easily identifiable when moving the mouse cursor through your profile and the different edit buttons display.

Once you identified that you are in editing mode, head towards the section you want to move up or down. You should then see the following button and text (when you point to the icon).


Now you can play around with the different placement for your profile sections.

Note that there is one section that cannot be moved, and that is the Activity section.

There is another option to make your profile visitors aware of important information in your profile. Simply use the Summary section to add a note about it. Let’s say you gave a slide presentation at a summit or conference and it attracted a lot of positive feedback because of its outstanding content and importance. To emphasize this achievement,  simply add a note in your summary section that makes people aware of the slide section in your profile. An example would be:

  • Please scroll down to the Slide Share section for a presentation that I gave at the White House Summit 2015

Use a bullet point or asterisk to make the note stand out (bold text and background yellow are not available on LinkedIn – this is just for demonstration purposes here).