How to message people you’re not connected with (InMail not required)?

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

If you want to message someone (hiring manager or recruiter) on LinkedIn, but are not connected to that person you’re out of luck. Unless you have a premium and InMail credits you would have to establish a connection to that person first – which can be quite difficult.

However, there is a cool workaround available that can help you with this limitation in many cases.

If that person is member of a group, join the same group if possible. Once you are a group member, you can click on the member list, find that person in question, and then message him or her.


Click on the member list marked above.



Now search for the person you are looking for. Once you found the person in question, place your mouse on their name.



Now click the “Message” button and you should be good to go to contact that person. Keep in mind this functionality is meant for communication between group members. Be professional and courteous with your message. Send only one message. Do not send a slur of messages if you do not hear back. The recipient might not want to respond to these types of inquiries or is busy in other ways.