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LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Customize Your Public Profile for better Search Engine Rankings

An often overlooked section of your profile is actually what pieces of information will be publicly visible. By default most people assume that your entire profile is visible, but that is not true.

First let’s find out where these settings actually are. There are different ways to get there, but the easiest one is to click on “Edit” near your custom LinkedIn Profile URL.


That click will bring you to another page where you are eventually greeted with this message:



From here the LinkedIn Profile Editor section will show your public profile. However, we’re not looking at the profile itself but we need to look at the right side of the screen.

In the following section you actually have to make the choice about what your public profile will show. The list is long and it is easy to customize the appearance of your public profile from here.

This is an ideal place to put all those keywords we worked on earlier in this book to work. Besides having the basics being published you can now select that your previous job positions get included as well – in detail! This is important if the detail information for each of those positions includes keywords you want to rank for. Initially I thought this would be more important when planning to make a lateral move in your career or when trying to get back into the workforce, but after thinking about this for a day or two I really see the benefit in several options selected.

In my case I have the basics available for my profile + information about my current and previous positions. Since I am writing and publishing books I am also including publications. I am bi-lingual these type of skills can help you as well in job specific searches. And last but not least you want your Skills to be published in your public LinkedIn Profile. Search engines will pick up really detailed keywords that will be associated with you – if you included them in your past experiences as discussed earlier in this this book. Take a look at this little setting in detail. It’s easy to miss, but …

Yep, search engines will scan your profile and the more content you can give them, the more traffic they will eventually drive to your profile.

But then again, your public profile is visible to people on LinkedIn who are not yet connected to you through first or second level connections. If you have interesting positions from your past that eventually show your skills and expertise, it can make a difference between a recruiter becoming interested or a recruiter simply picking the candidate below you because that person was smart enough to provide more information.

So, make sure to review the default settings that apply to your public profile and make changes you consider appropriate.