Public Profile URL Customization

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

What is your public profile URL? Your Public Profile URL is the actual link that people will see and ultimately bring people to your LinkedIn profile page – be it your public profile or the full profile.

By default your profile URL looks something like this:

That is not very user friendly or is it?!

Why is it important to customize your profile URL? Think about the public profile URL like a vanity license plate – if you just have a standard license plate with a random combination of letters and numbers, nobody will easily remember what’s on your license plate. However, if you have a custom license plate things will be different and people will easily remember such license plate.

The same principle applies to your public profile URL of your LinkedIn profile – especially if you start to actively do marketing for your profile.

Here is how my LinkedIn Profile URL looks like.

I am using a reference to my own business entity (Net Services USA LLC) as part of my custom URL. “NSUSA” = short for “Net Services USA LLC”. If you look at the overall length of my LinkedIn URL it is extremely short and very easy to remember – especially if you look at the other pieces that make a LinkedIn profile URL (http://www.linkedin/com/in/).

Every “owner” of a LinkedIn Profile can setup a vanity URL for their LinkedIn Profile. Here are the necessary steps to do so.

Go and start editing your profile. And then go forward to edit your default profile URL.

On the next page look towards the right and find a section that looks very similar to this:

Click on “Customize your public profile URL” to change your profile URL. When you click on it, a window like this one should pop up.

The highlighted field in the middle of screen allows you type your own URL. The system will let you know if your vanity URL is already taken of if you hit a keyword/term that has not been used yet. You need a minimum of 5 characters and you will max out at 30 characters for your custom URL. You cannot use special characters.

Select “Set Custom URL” when you are done. Please note that if you decide to change your custom URL for whatever reason to something new, the old URL will not work anymore. If you do this to a custom URL, the impact can be quite negative. Remember that search engines as an example will no longer list your profile under the old URL and that it can take a while before they pick up your new URL. But this is only one example of what can happen when you change the custom URL of your profile.

The custom URL might look like it is not important, but if you want to have success on LinkedIn it is a critical item that you need to take care of.