Special Sections in your Profile

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

LinkedIn offers a selection of special sections that can be used to enhance your profile and make it look more attractive to others. And to be honest – I actually think that most people ignore these sections and I believe that those who actually use them gain a small advantage compared to their competition. 

You can find the special sections when editing your profile. After clicking to edit your profile (give specific instruction as to how to do this), the options display on the right side of the screen.



LinkedIn gives the option to add Honors & Awards as well as Project and Organization information. I am not sure how useful the Test Scores section is and unless you earned a score that really makes you stand out I would probably ignore that section. The Organization sections can come in  handy if you are involved in professional organizations that are job or business related and where it would add credibility to your resume if you list them. The same applies to Projects, but keep in mind that you should probably not add certain job-specific projects here. Situations where you were volunteering for certain projects or organizations are a great fit. You want think about the value a certain entry would add to your resume and use the space wisely.

In my case I have listed publications and languages in my profile. I am bilingual and speak fluent English and German. I have also published several books and list a few of them  on my LinkedIn profile. So, think about if you have items or skills that would add value to your profile if added in such capacity.



By using these special sections you can add  more specific information to your LinkedIn profile. Not only can you add more credibility to your profile, but you can also add keywords in the new sections to your profile that, in return, might help your profile show up higher in search results on LinkedIn. Keep in mind that your competition might not use these sections, and by you using them you give yourself a better foundation for successful networking on LinkedIn.