Video: Example Response to the “Tell Me About Yourself” Request

Six-Figure Job Interview Guide

The “Tell Me About Yourself” request is probably one of the most often asked question (or better: request) during a job interview. There are many reasons why this question is being asked and there are millions of possible answers/responses that can come up. Reading back your resume is a bad way of answering this question. However, in this video example I will show you how I decided to answer the question a while ago. I had applied for an IT Director position and so I was using the the “Tell Me About Yourself” response to further show why I was interested in the open position. I only touch my resume briefly during the response, but then I use the available time to showcase career growth and why I feel that I am a good fit for the open position.


So, start looking for skills and expertise that you have and see how they match up with this popular interview question. Build your answer around those skills and match it up to the job description. FYI – I am thinking about an IT Director position and tailor the response accordingly. I let some company names pop-up during the response as well to build up credibility.