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Is LinkedIn Dead upon Arrival at Microsoft?

Microsoft and LinkedInIf you believe some tech and business bloggers, the value of using LinkedIn will go down due to the acquisition by Microsoft. Sure, there will be some changes to be expected, but a lot depends on what we as the users of LinkedIn make from it. Are you, the job seeker going to be heavily impacted?! Are you, the hiring company going to be heavily impacted? I highly doubt it. I assume we as the normal users of LinkedIn will get more exposed to advertisements and potentially see cross connections between LinkedIn and Microsoft Office products. The story could be slightly different for business to business (B2B) users as there is more at stake, but also a lot to win.

Microsoft already has a large presence in corporate and productivity software, and some of LinkedIn’s functions will certainly fit nicely into its human resources, financial planning (CRM), and Office products, where LinkedIn integration could be significant. By now joining forces and tightly integrating Microsoft Dynamics with LinkedIn’s data and knowledge, the two companies could finally pose a real threat to Salesforce.com – the largest player in the CRM area.I also see Skype for Business going to have LinkedIn integration – after all, the B2B market is huge and whoever can provide value here should see some great returns on investment. Anything email related from a Microsoft Office perspective is primed to hook into LinkedIn’s environment. Connecting users from the Microsoft ecosystem to LinkedIn is big as well. Think big – think universal identity. Lots of stuff on that end, but then again – not a significant impact to you as a job seeker and how you would use LinkedIn.

Data integration and Big Data computing. There is a lot that could happen here. I am sure there is already a lot going on at LinkedIn related to that and Microsoft is certainly not going to let this go to waste.

Other pieces of the merger will be significant, but eventually less impactful to you as a job seeker. As far as I know LinkedIn uses its own data center for its operations right now. Microsoft is a cloud service provider and that is a huge opportunity for them. Imagine LinkedIn moving in the Microsoft cloud. I would assume that is one of the largest cloud implementations Microsoft would have at that point (outside of Office 365). This scenario will make for some great tech studies, white papers, and in the marketing material for the Microsoft Cloud sales people.

As you can see, there are probably going to be a lot of changes happening on the business level of LinkedIn, but less impact for job seekers. I would not wait to see how it plays out. Rather be at the forefront with an updated and highly optimized LinkedIn profile.