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The Job Search Blues

So, I just got back from a long job interview experience and I think it went great. It was a mix of meeting with people in person and via video conference. They seemed to like me and I really like them. The opportunity looks great, the people seem to be nice, and overall I am really excited about it. Maybe my job search is finally over and I can get back to my real life. But now the waiting game starts and that is the part of the job search process that sucks. Companies say they want to move fast with filling the open position and then it still takes many weeks before it happens. Get used to it – the job search is over when it is over or better – the moment you walk into your new job on the very first day.
There are a lot of things that are part of the job search experience. Waiting for the phone to ring is one of those. Just imagine how it was just a few years ago. You actually had to mail or fax your application to the hiring company. Moving from snail mail job application submission to faxing your resume was already a major milestone. Nowadays the process is mostly digital – meaning, you apply online without ever leaving your house. However, the convenience of a digital submission of your resume created a lot of new problems. Suddenly the number of people who could apply for the same position multiplied dramatically – making it way more difficult to get noticed. The employers’ response to that problem turned into an even bigger problem for job applicants – the invention of applicant tracking systems (ATS) turned the job search into an even bigger frustration.
I already wrote extensively about applicant tracking systems (ATS) and inside our member area you would be able to find even more information about it. It seems like when the job search experience should become better, something else is done to keep it as frustrating as it is. Sometimes I am really jealous about the hiring process in many blue-collar jobs. You walk in, fill out the application form (paper), and eventually have an on the spot job interview – sometimes even followed by an immediate offer for employment. There might still be background checks, drug screenings, or a credit check, but from the distance it often looks less complicated.
Of course, in other countries the rules of engagement can be even more complicated. As an example, in Germany you have to submit your application accompanied by a professionally taken photo of yourself. In addition, if I am not mistaken applicants in Germany are expected to submit copies of certificates, letters of recommendation, school certificates, and even include very personal information about them self (marital status, number of children, birth date, religion, etc.). For me that is just asking for some sort of discrimination, but different countries have different rules. In the end, I think nothing is really out there to make the process more applicant friendly nor do I believe that employers can be happy with the results and the overall length of the process.
In a posting that is available only to members of Interview Playbook I wrote about the different up and down aspects of the job search situation. The job search process can be depressing and very frustrating unless you have some sort of structure and rules implemented. The members-only article provides strategies and helpful tips to avoid the job search blues before it even happens. What is your experience when searching for a new job? Did the overall process and the slowness of applying, waiting for a phone call, eventually being invited for an interview, and then waiting again bring you down? Has been it hard for you to stay positive and motivated the entire time? If you felt or feel depressed with your job search I highly recommend to consider to join other members in the member area and learn more about how to optimize your job search and to improve your interview experience. Currently – at the time of me writing this posting the membership is a low, one-time fee and you will get immediate access to four training courses and tutorials. This one of a kind training program helps to find more job leads. From there we help to optimize your resume and later on how you can knock the interview out of the park with our proven six-figure job interview tips.
Anyway, enough about me advertising our training package. No matter where you are with your job search efforts, structure and being organized is your best bet to keep the overall experience manageable and to avoid burn-out and frustration. Best of luck with your job search. Make sure to bookmark our website and to subscribe to our newsletter.