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My Goal is to help YOU spend less time searching for job listings. Your time is valuable and you should not have to spend time finding job listings that do not really apply to you. You want to find those job listings that match your skills, your expertise, and of course your expectations.

Unless you apply for a job within 3 days after it was posted, your chances of being invited to an interview will decrease dramatically.

The competition among job candidates is fierce. Not always will the best candidate get the job, but the candidate who finds the job first and who is prepared to apply instantly.

To increase your chances of getting invited to a job interview, it is critical to find new job listings within the first 48 hours after being made public. In addition, you need to be able to submit your application immediately to avoid being a runner-up candidate. Even waiting to apply from when you found a job listing during your lunch hour until you come home at night, might put you at a disadvantage.

Supercharge Your Job Search

My name is Christoph Puetz - I am the owner and founder of One day I found myself in your shoes - looking for a better job. I was spending hours a day browsing through job boards, job listings, and career pages on company websites. I found dozens and dozens of non-relevant jobs and almost missed those that really applied to me. I wasted my time and became frustrated.

Then I changed my job search approach ...

Discomfort creates change. Sick and tired of what I was doing, I took a more systematic approach. I started optimizing my job search. I kept track of what job searches brought in detailed and relevant results. I kept track of when and where job listings would update first. From there I fine-tuned my approach and concentrated on just a few sources. Where possible I used automation to have qualified job listings come to me.

Suddenly I had more qualified leads to work with. Instead of wasting hours of time finding nothing, I suddenly got time back to do other things (like, improving my resume or optimizing my LinkedIn profile). I had less stress and felt more confident that I would find a good job in no-time.

Let me introduce you to: Premium Job Search Training

I could keep these tips and tricks to myself, but I think they are too valuable to not share with members of my website. In this premium job search training I will show you exactly the steps I use when looking for a new job. I will show you the websites that I use, how I filter out noise, and how to get the most out of my efforts.

Gone will be the days where you waste hours of time to find jobs. Gone will be the days where you "stumble" through the application process. Based on our training you can create your own efficient job search plan.

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