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Proofread Your Resume

Not proofreading your resume is one of the easiest mistakes job applicants make. Sending out a resume with spelling and grammar errors is a big killer moment when looking for work. Most employers will disregard your resume instantly if they notice grammar and spelling errors.

Your resume and your cover letter buy you about one minute of initial time max; most likely you have only 30 seconds for your resume to stick out and have the hiring manager look at it more closely. Besides the actual content the grammar and the spelling are extremely important to get past the initial review. If you screw up on that level, why even bother to apply in the first place?!

If you are not sure about all the spelling and the grammar, have somebody you know proofread your resume. Also, don’t forget that pretty much every word editor like Microsoft Word have a build-in spell checker. Depending on your settings the Word Editor will mark questionable spelling with a red underline while you type. Here is an example:

Spelling Errors

Some Word Editors will auto-correct many common words while typing. Just make sure that you proofread your text to make sure that the auto-correct option did not turn a specific word into something different because it had a hard time figuring out what you were writing.

Something that happens to me sometimes is that I think a sentence in my head, but the typed result is missing some words. I am either typing too fast or it is what I call “Internet Blindness”. I re-read the sentence and I “see” the missing work even though it is not there. My brain just fools me and I know sometimes this kind of stuff makes me look stupid. When I write emails at work I usually proofread them twice. I also have a setting in Outlook turned on that forces Outlook to spell check every email upon send.

No matter how hard we try, we will have spelling errors and grammar errors. While this is less critical in a normal email, it is extremely important in your resume and your cover letter. Spend the time to proofread everything and have somebody else proofread for you, too.

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