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Do You Have Any Questions For Us – Job Interview Questions and Answers

Towards the end of almost every interview the hiring manager provides the opportunity to you to ask questions about the position. This is a very important part of the job interview, so do not let your guards down just yet. The most important piece of advice I can give you is to only ask questions that add value to the interview and to you. This is not the time to ask about benefits or so. Think about it – whatever you have learned about the position and the company so far – what type of question would actually help you to be considered for the job in that moment.

Often, many of your standard questions should have been answered during the job interview already, so here is your chance to ask an intelligent question that a) provides you with helpful information and b) is a question that makes you look good.

In the following video I provide you with one of those questions. The question might be a bit unusual, but I have seen great conversations resulting from this question. During these conversations I often learned more about the hiring manager that otherwise would have been difficult to extract. As always, practice these type of job interview questions and answers at home – preferably with somebody else or in front of a mirror.