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Resume Comparison: Fancy or Conventional

In a different chapter I talked about different styles for resumes. Personally I am a fan of the older or more conventional style for resumes. I think they just work better and make it easier for a hiring manager to determine if the candidate is a worth a second look. Common knowledge seems to be that you have roughly 30 seconds for a resume to work its magic.

If a manager cannot tell who you are and what your skills/experience are from a brief look at your resume you are going to lose out. Your resume needs to be easy to read from a high level perspective. If it is too busy or too complicated to read the hiring manager will move on to other resumes that are easier to read.

A while back I experimented with a more fancy resume style and dropped in very quickly. While it looked great from a design perspective, I think it was horrible in providing a good service. The resume has to open the door for a phone screening or an in-person job interview and if it fails to do so it needs to be ditched … fast!

But take a look for yourself. Here are links to my sample resumes. By the way – each resume actually has 3 pages. Ideally I am a fan of 2 pages resumes, but from my own experience + when talking to some of the better recruiters it is quite Ok a 3 page resume. I am an information technology professional and in IT it can be beneficial to provide more information. The problem with resumes is less with the number of pages, but how easy the information can be absorbed by a hiring manager. If the first page is structured correctly and catches the manager’s interest they will read page #2 and page #3.

Click here to see my conventional style resume

Click here to see my fancy style resume

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