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Resume Success Training


Finding new job opportunities is not enough. Your resume is key to a successful application. Get invited for an interview is critical, but if your resume does not deliver, invitations to interviews will be rare or non-existent. Don’t just “a resume” for your application. Build a resume that delivers success.

“Design a resume that delivers success!”

If you search for resume templates on the Internet you will find thousands of different options. Some of these are free to use while others cost you “an arm and a leg”. And others again are custom written for you – but come with a steep price tag. However, but in the end you never know if that specific resume really works.

While there are fancy looking resume designs out there, often less is more – meaning, a more simple version of your resume might have higher chances to get you invited to a job interview. I have tested and worked with many different resumes, but over the years I came up with a version of my resume that worked. While simple in design, it offers powerful options to show off your skills and expertise.

In addition I took my original resume and then optimized it for usage with so-called “Applicant Tracking Systems” (ATS).

Why Resume writing and customization is important?

  • First Impressions Count. As you know, you only have one chance for a first impression.
  • You have less than 10 seconds to impress a recruiter with your resume.
  • Only highly optimized resumes make you stand out

You need a customized resume for each job application. But what do you need to customize and how many changes are really needed for a customized resume?! Our training goes into detail to help you with what is needed to make your resume really competitive.

Do you need to hire a professional resume writer?

Unfortunately there is not a clear “black & white” answer possible as this depends on each individual situation. In addition, unless you get a referral to a resume writer from a trusted source, you never know what you get. Example: A friend of mine paid $199.00 to have his resume re-written by an online resume writing service and he never got a response on any of his applications when using that resume.

If you decide to use a professional resume writer, make sure to do your homework about who you choose to work with. 

If you feel somewhat confident in your own ability to describe your work history, skills, and expertise and have an older version of your resume, there is nothing wrong with doing the work yourself. After all – nobody but you really knows all the details of your work history and job tasks. Our resume success training is here to support and to guide you into the right direction.?

Here is what you get with the Resume Success Training Course module:

  • Learn critical steps to improve your resume with a few, simple steps
  • Discover the secrets that make your resume stand out
  • Understand critical sections in your resume and how they make difference
  • Video-based walk-thru my resume template that has helped me to secure six-figure income jobs
  • A resume template specifically optimized for one of the most widely used Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Lifetime access to current + access to all future updates at no extra charge
  • No gimmicks, no annoying up-sells. Just pure, rock-solid information immediately available

1 Price – All Courses

It’s all included: Get full access to our Resume Success Training course as well as our six-figure job interview tips & tricks, and our LinkedIn Profile Optimization training. And last but not least, learn how we have optimized our job search to cut down on time and effort to find applicable job listings.

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