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Why InterviewPlaybook.com

Why InterviewPlaybook.com


Like it or not, but gone are the times where one would stick with one company for the time of their career. Globalization, Outsourcing, Rightsourcing, layoffs, reduction in workforce – these type of events will affect more and more people over time. Key is to be prepared so that a job search does not turn into an ugly nightmare. It is our goal to prepare you as good as possible for when your future depends on it.

Over the course of my career I had to switch jobs and companies a few times. Fortunately, I never got laid off, but sometimes I felt that type of event was close and that was not a good feeling. A key event earlier in my career got me thinking about my approach to job interviewing. Until then interviewing was a necessity that I did not enjoy and I have to admit I was never prepared as much as I should have.

Based on that key event back then I took a more organized approach about job interviews and preparation. I started to keep track of questions, responses, and other type feedback. I paid close attention to body language and psychological behavior of the people I was interviewing with. I kept my eyes on email communications, wording, frequency, and anything you can imagine related to that.

From the data I collected, I formed my current approach. For one I am prepared when invited for interviews. I do not want to waste my nor do I want to waste the hiring companies time. It is both our interest to get the most out of an interview. The better I am prepared, the easier it is for the hiring manager to form a picture of who I am and if I am considered to be a fit for their team. At the same I want to make sure the company is a good fit for me. 

The results of my effort have been rewarding. A higher success rate at interviews meant a higher success rate in receiving a job offer. In addition, the more a hiring company wanted me, the easier it was to negotiate a bit more money or some extra vacation. That would have been less possible with a mediocre job interview.

One thing I cannot stretch enough – besides preparing for an interview, you also need to be up to speed in regards to your skills and overall professionalism. All these things go hand in hand. Learning how to interview from us, is not meant to cheat your way to the top. It will become very apparent if the skills listed in your resume are actually fake or weak.? 

Anyway, inside the training area you will find interview tips and tricks that helped me to land high-paying jobs in the six-figure range. The cool thing is that these tips and tricks work almost everywhere – no matter the industry or the pay-grade. Sure, some adjustments might be needed, but? that is just natural. 

You will also find a detailed guide on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile. This will help you to network, to brand yourself, and to be found by recruiters and hiring managers. The competition for top talent is fierce – you need to eliminate the competition by being better prepared and a killer LinkedIn profile is definitely a tool you should use.

Last, but not least we’re going to help you to optimize your job search. Reduce your effort to find a new job by using automation and proper planning and preparation. Our tips & tricks will jumpstart your job search and deliver better results.

Can you afford to let the top jobs go to your competitors?

Don’t delay your decision to sign up. Maybe tomorrow you find a job listing for your dream job at a company you always wanted to work for. Who know when that job will open up again – if ever?! Get started today with immediate access to all our training courses upon signing up.

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